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COE thoughts, COE spoilers

Just a tiny thought that I've been tossing around in my head about TW and forgive me if its not all together there. But.

In this season, Jack continually alludes to his feelings that while yes he *cares* about Ianto and *enjoys* Ianto and all that, he can't be a "couple". He's just not made that way. He doesn't even like the word *couple*. Let alone ever say to Ianto "I love you". And, Ianto, why can't you just accept that we have something good going without the need to label it and classify it because that's soooooo 20/1 century. (I'm getting less cruel flashes of Brian Kinney here) Which is fine by me. I really don't mind if this is a character trait for him- that a part of him is not used to the relationship structures of our current mores because he's from the future. And immortal. And so even if its not in him, he obviously Has Issues.

And yet.

And yet Jack is the man which we *know* in canon was once married to some woman that he recalls fondly because he keeps around a picture of her he likes to look at in his more introspective broody times. He continued to look out for Estelle even after he left her and is devastated when she dies. He has a daughter with another women (in the very very very recent past. Especially for him, who is looking at eternity, this relationship that produced a child is very recent!)and indicates that the only reason he has stayed out of her life was at her mother's request and out of his grandson's life was at her request. And while he's been able to keep it shut away, there's still some brooding there. So. He *can* be part of couple (ie *married* to someone) and he does long, to some extent, for a family (or else he'd be fine with staying out of their life. Believe me, there are plenty of 21st century men who are able to walk away from their children and never think of them again. God knows I have enough friends for whom that is their reality)

So what's the deal with Ianto? Why is it now he is reticent and kinda disturbed by Ianto's need for defining their relationship?

I don't know. Maybe its nothing. I know he has some serious issues and an angst-ridden past. It just seems odd to me that he's to a certain degree emotionally withheld from Ianto.


because it makes him look like a ginourmous woobie machine when people die?
hmmmm could be, haha
I think Ianto should just show up in the Hubs fridge to be honest.


June 2013

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