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Fangirlishness and other things

Saw the Star Trek movie yesterday after I pretty much swore I wouldn't and It. Was. Awesome!!

I loved the plot and the characters and all that but even more? I loved the random people popping up all over the place. (Harold flies the ship?? But I thought he was going to White Castle! Eva Rodriguez, what are you doing in space? You were accepted into ABC the best dance company in America! And Dr. Cameron, with a man *not* Chase? For shame...)

Also, on Sunday I was in Bushwick and saw a bus with a Torchwood 3 ad on it- I was in complete shock! And then my roomie came home and said she saw the same thing in Manhattan. I guess TW is really getting around...

For those who are interested, I *did* hand in notice to my job \o/ My last day is July 17 and after that who knows what my life will bring because I also got laid off from my part time job. Basically? I went from 2 jobs to none. But I? I will survive. I'm really looking forward to my life as a free lady. I've been working on a new dance project with some friends that I'm hoping will come into fruition about Nov/Decish. So that's something to look forward to...

In other news- I am deeply upset about the loss of Pina Bausch. I can't believe she died!! I saw her in December and she was in great shape! I'm sort of angry that the NYTimes chose **ALASTAIR MACAULAY** to write her obit when he didn't even *like* her work. I think he was fair in the end, but it turned into one last grumbling complaint about her work rather then anything about Pina herself and her remarkable body of powerful work. It just seemed of poor taste to me...

ETA: It turns out there's another obit in the Times and Macaulay's is an "appraisal" but it still seems odd to me that he would write this for the same day as the death announcement. Oh, Alastair, how you confound me once again...

In honor of Pina:

Look! It's a whale!

Pina's powerful Rite of Spring

I've never seen this one before but I *love this*! The clip says it's "Masurca Fogo (Extrait)"


There are plenty more admiring obits of Pina than there are "fair" ones, if that's any consolation.

So sorry about your job loss! Can they at least recommend you to another place?
I know there are a lot of obits out there, its just that I expect better from the Times then to critique her randomly like that so soon after her death. I mean, give it a couple of days if its really that important, you know? Oh well.
Can they at least recommend you to another place?
Eh, they could but its was just a bartending job, I'm sure I'll find another one. I'm gonna take two weeks off after I get out of this job and then get to looking for another job. Just a lil vacation, get a sewing machine, learn to sew, itll b fun!!
I'm so happy you watched them!!!!!!!! I think that her work goes beyond dance to a place thats so human and relatable and immediate and visceral that you don't have to be a dancer to get it. It just *happens* and you get to just *experience* it, which is what i love. Like all the weirdness that happens in her pieces you accept because on some level you just *get* it
Thank you for remembering Bausch with those clips: you're the only one who did from my flist.

The last time I saw her on stage was many, many years ago. She made contemporary dance very accessible to me, something I could immediately relate to.

June 2013

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