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Great news!!

I finally have a favorite opera!!!!

I know i know- you're thinking- but chimosa. really. what does that even matter? but this is huge huge huge news!! Theres this girl in my life- a classic voice major and who has aspired, for a long time now, to be a professional opera singer- who is basically my little sis, pretty much we were raised together. now i completely support her 100 percent but the problem has been, i just *cant* get into opera. Ive tried so hard, going to the Met, seeing all sorts of performances and always, without fail, I wind up falling asleep. usually somewhere in the second/third act. i even fell asleep during Faust which, I have been told, is impossible as its the most action packed opera around. I fell asleep in Aida which it turns out there were elephants in. Elephants!! (if people were pulling my leg with that one I'll never know).

And the sad thing is, I turned her on to ballet. she loves dance after we sat down and watched some of my collection- swan lake and sleeping beauty and gay swan lake... swans and princesses and matthew bourne- oh my!! but for the life of me I couldn't get through an opera. Until tonight I watched PBS's "great performances" with renee flemming in "Thais" and wow. holy shit, wow. it was amazing. stunning. i loved it so much!

and im so relieved! maybe this means theres hope for me yet!


Opera is just too theatrical for me but good for you finding one to like!!
Also, the opera singers tend to be really awful movers. Like just watching them walk across the stage makes me cringe, but Renee Flemming was actually a fairly good mover, which was a nice change. Also, I hate the dance breaks in opera. I mean, as much as I love the history of ballet and dance being there, its usually so poorly executed I can't watch.
I am the same with opera - I always fall asleep - and I also have a best friend opera singer so it's a real shame. But I enjoyed Carmen!
Isn't it shameful??? Like she'll be like "how did you like it???" and I'm like "errrr... i had a good nap?"

I've never seen carmen, maybe I should try that one too. I know I like the ballet version, lol
I'm happy I finally like *something* in opera- i've felt awful for years that ive bullied her into liking my art and couldnt get up the enthusiasm for hers, lol. but yeah- Thais- check it out! its pretty cool

June 2013

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