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I've been thinking about dance a lot lately. Now that I'm almost out of my current job and into the great abyss that is joblessness, I'm thinking about my future. About the kind of life I want to have. About how to achieve that life and, whats more, how to actually be *good* in that life.

I want to dance.

I want to dance and create dances and I want to actually be good at it.

I have some projects coming up (as in I have two projects within the next week) that I'm nervous aren't going to go over too well. But I think thats okay. I think I'm going to just go with it, let it happen, and then use any failure as a barometer of where I'm at and where I need to go. That's healthy, right? Instead of getting obsessed about my failure and the possibility of failure that I freeze up and am unable to do anything? Well, we'll see.

This is also helping: http://abundance-blog.marelisa-online.com/2008/11/17/outliers-10000-hours-for-success/

Basically if I do it enough, actually get into the studio and take class and just *do it* no matter how poorly I am dancing now, I *have* to get better. If I can get my 10,000 hours in, I'll be set!


Doing something is far preferable to doing nothing....I can't even count how many comments I see on every dance post at ONTD that are some version of "I wish I had never stopped dancing/taking classes". The fact that you still have your hand in it means you are already ahead of most of the pack!
Yeah, I'm hoping that by virtue of just being *there* the dance thing will come together. Persistence, lol.
All the best of luck to you :) Dance is very near and dear to my heart - I've only taken two classes for it at university but you can learn new things everyday on YouTube ;)

And it definitely sounds like you're motivated to do this, and only good will come of it. Go you!
:-) Thanks! Now that the time has come to actually make a reality of all this talk I've been talking, I'm super nervous. But really excited too, ya kno?
Ohhh, love that idea! I totally agree. When I started tae kwon-do I was completely unfit and had always been labelled as 'unco' as a child/adolescent. I also had all the regular female hang ups about actually hitting and kicking. I will always remember our instructor telling a group of first-time girlies, me included: 'if you come to practice regularly, you can all be black belts one day'. I did not believe him but over time I learnt that just turning up regularly led to progress. By just turning up, I too eventually got my black belt. I didn't even have to ever believe I could to it--turning up was the key. I use the 'just turn up' concept now with other things too.
Doesn't it make anything feel possible? I really love it, I feel like as long as I'm out there and practicing one day everything will get better. such a relief!!!
And when you fall off the plan, you can just 'get back on' again by clocking up some more hours. Yes!

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