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Officially day one of my FUNemployment. Or my vacation as I keep calling it, though my friends are quick to point out that "unemployment" and "vacation" are two very different things. Even though I haven't been officially employed by my former workplace for going on three weeks, the first week didn't count because they made me come in anyway and freelance until my replacement could start working. The second week didn't count, because my mom was in town and while I love her more then life and we had a great time, hosting someone is *exhausting* and thus not vaction-y at all. This weekend I was shooting my friend's music video project so *that* certainly didn't count because 12 hour days of shooting is WORK, even if I got paid in beer.

But today was the first day of the rest of my life! Or at least, the next phase of my life...

I joined up at the YMCA because they have a pool! So I can finally finally start swimming laps, though I still need a swim cap. I also got a Brooklyn library card and sat around the Prospect branch with my roomie reading until she got cold and we left, but still, I was bettering my mind so that's something. Ran into a friend on the street who is gonna have a craaaaaaaazy show at Prospect Park this weekend including dancers in full body paint (and alleged partial nudity) and super soakers so that will be interesting. And now I'm having a beer and writing, in between contemplating the plant and herbs I want to buy to help make my room greener.

For the first time in a year, I feel completely content and at peace with myself. I'm *happy* which is kind of a novelty in itself after I've spent all of my post graduation life hating my job and dreading each day. Now I can;t wait for tomorrow and all the little projects I'm going to fulfill and all the ways I'm going to work on self improvement! Life is good.


Super soakers? If the weather is like we've had most of the summer, she won't need any stinking Super Soakers!
LOL yeah I know- but if it thunderstorms, that'll only make the super soakers that much better cuz theyll be unnecessary... but they'll be *there*
Hee, yeah I'm really feeling that lately! I feel like theres so much I wanna do and so much time to do it all and everything is wonderful and full of possibility (omg im so cheesy right now!!!!)

June 2013

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