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Your Good Boy's Gonna Go Bad by chimosa (smallville)

Title: Your Good Boy’s Gonna Go Bad
Author: chimosa
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex

AN: So itsaslashything said:
I ran across the phrase "Easy there, Big Fella"...and my mind immediately brought forth a vision of Clark as Kal...turned on as all hell and intense...sweating, nostrils flaring as his chest heaves and Lex gentling him down enough to climb up and slowly impale himself...

Can someone please write this?

And I got all nostalgic for my Smallville fandom so I wrote over 2,000 words of AU porn. Enjoy!

“Look what just walked in the door,” Chester gushes, and Drew sits up from his artistic sprawl across the VIP room’s leather couch, craning to get a better look at where Chester’s finger is pointing.

“Me-ow,” drawls Karen, pouting lips turning up at the corners in a predatory parody of a smile.

Lex takes another slow sip from his glass and doesn’t bother. Even at five years Lex’s senior, Chester’s taste in partners seems to skew younger with each passing year and Lex is waiting for the day the gossip columns officially dub him ‘Chester the Child Molester,’ and Lex can collect the fifty grand he laid on that moniker two years ago.

Drew stands, smoothing the wrinkles from his trousers, “I’ll let you know how he is,” and with that slips past the velvet rope and toward the churning and humid mass of bodies on the dance floor.

“The fuck you will, I saw him first,” Chester yells, spilling his drink in his haste to catch up with Drew while Karen, eyes glinting, excitedly bites down on her cocktail straw.

“And you said nothing ever happens on a Tuesday night,” Karen says gleefully.

Lex rolls his eyes, “Chester and Drew making fools of themselves for a barely legal fuck is not exactly out of the ordinary.”

“Oh come on, Lex,” she says, gesturing with her straw. “Look at him and tell me he’s not out of the ordinary.”

With an annoyed huff he sits up, scanning the club for the source of all the fuss.

Tall, amazing shoulders, muscles playing beneath an emerald silk shirt as he twists to the music. No sense of rhythm. Lex is about to say as much when the boy turns and Lex gets a look at his face.

Dear God.

Even from where he’s sitting he can see the killer cheekbones, the glittering green eyes and the mouth made for sucking cock. As Lex watches, Drew leans in, whispering something in the boy’s ear that makes him smile and, Good Lord, Lex feels his pants get tighter at the wicked promise in that expression.

“I stand corrected.”

Bright peals of laughter ring out when the boy easily steps away from the arm Drew tries to throw around his shoulder. “Oh,” chokes Karen as the green-eyed boy similarly dismisses Chester with a shaking head. “That was brutal.”

“And fast,” agrees Lex. He is relaxing back into his seat when the boy is suddenly staring directly at him and looking for all the world as if he had heard Lex’s murmured comment from across the room. Their eyes meet and the boy’s grin becomes bigger, brighter, as he throws Lex a mischievous wink.

Karen gasps as Lex acknowledges him with an inclination of his head, a raise of his snifter. Apparently that’s as much encouragement as this brazen boy needs because he’s sauntering over and is splayed out across Lex’s lap before Lex can so much as blink.

“Hi,” his voice rumbles deeply as he steals Lex’s drink, finishing the finger’s worth in one, healthy gulp that exposes his sun-browned throat. “I’m Kal.”

Lex easily smoothes the smirk threatening to break his otherwise bland expression. “Hi Kal. That was 40 year old scotch you just finished for me.”

“Was it?” He asks, eyes widening innocently as the tip of his tongue chases the lingering taste on his lips. “I guess its true, some things do get better with age.”

“Not that you’d know seeing as you’re… what? Sixteen? Seventeen? How old are you?”

“Old enough to have some fun.”

It’s a ridiculous line but the way he says it- low and husky- stills Lex long enough for Kal to swoop in. A red ring catches the light and that’s all the warning Lex has before two large hands capture Lex’s head and pull him in for a searing kiss, smoky with scotch, and he finds he has no objections, none whatsoever. If the kid is underage, well, that’s his business, because his tongue, slick against Lex’s teeth, is distracting him from trivialities like tabloids and prison sentences.

The sound of clapping makes Lex pull back and he realizes they have an audience. Karen…. Drew… and Chester wearing an eager look, like he is just waiting for an invitation to jump up and join right in. And that image is enough to stop Lex cold.

Kal, sensing the sudden change of mood, pushes a cool plastic card into his hand. “The Corbin, just down the block. Room 912. Can you remember that?”

“I think I can manage.”

Kal stands and with a final grin, leaves. Lex takes Drew’s drink out of his hand and drains it as he stands to follow. “Not a word,” Lex orders, holding up a finger in warning and they fall obediently silent. One of these days he really should find friends that aren’t afraid of him.

The Corbin is one of Metropolis’ finest luxury hotels and if there is one thing Lex knows, after all the years he’s squandered in this metropolitan backwater, it’s how to slip unnoticed into and out of fine, luxury hotels. A quick swipe of the room key gains him admittance to the suite decorated in trendy furniture, all dark wood and modern angles, and Lex takes a moment to notice the changes that have been made since the last time he was in this room. He really needs a new city to haunt, he thinks with a sigh.

Kal walks out of the bathroom, barefoot, shirt already off to reveal a rather spectacularly chiseled chest, brown nipples tight in the room’s slight chill. There’s a slow ease to his step as if he’s been here and waiting for a lot longer than the ten minutes since Lex last saw him. “You move fast,” he comments.

Kal smiles and predictably Lex gets hard from that alone (and fuck, what Lex would pay to see that kind of smile for the rest of his life). “You have no idea.”

Before he knows what’s happening he’s pushed against the wall and the buttons on his shirt are springing open as Kal rips them apart to lick an unobstructed line from Lex’s jaw to his navel. Lex can only gasp and blindly clutch at Kal’s hair as fluttering kisses are pressed along his belly, just above the waistline of his pants. Kal’s mouth wanders lower, pink lips brushing the bulge made by Lex’s burgeoning cock and he needs to take back control of the situation. Now.


Really soon.

Sometime is the near future, he thinks as a hot mouth closes around his cock, eagerly taking him to the root in one smooth motion and his head thuds against the wall behind him at the feel of it. Kal’s head bobs up and down, catching a rhythm, and fuck what Lex thought at the club, the boy can move.

Kal pulls away long enough to slip two fingers into his own mouth, slowly slicking them with saliva, and Lex can’t look away from those green eyes as they darken, pupils dilating with want. Kal’s head ducks as he takes his cock again and Lex parts his legs in preparation as Kal’s fingers swivel their way up his ass.

Lex grunts at the force and friction of it. He closes his eyes at the burn and can feel the pressure building, his balls aching, and he drifts on pure sensation, caught between the soft, wet heat and rough, blunt invasion.

When Kal’s fingers crook it takes every trace of willpower Lex has, what little he posses pinned to the wall with this beautiful boy devouring his cock, not to come. His fingers tangle in Kal’s thick, dark hair as he pulls, pink mouth releasing his straining dick with a wet smack.

“Too much for you?” Kal challenges, voice rasping, fingers wiggling teasingly in his ass.

“You,” pants Lex, but that’s as far as he gets before hauling Kal off his knees for a kiss. This kid is trouble, Lex thinks, biting down hard on Kal’s lower lip. It’s a savage kiss, brutal and impersonal. Rough, in what Lex is beginning to realize the theme of the night is going to be.

Kal finally pulls his fingers free. “Come on,” he says, leading Lex toward the extravagant pool of a bed.

The condoms and lube on the nightstand make Lex sniff in amusement. “You’re prepared.”

“What can I say?” he shrugs, falling confidently onto the bed. “I’m the responsible type.”

“So it would seem,” Lex says as a flash of checkered red catches his eye. It’s a flannel shirt, well-worn cotton completely out of place in this modern and monochromatic room. “Huh,” he breathes, bending down to pick it up from where it lays crumpled next to a pair of mud-caked work boots. “What are you, some farmer’s kid?”

“Why?” Kal crosses his arms behind him head, biceps rippling at the movement. “Got some kind of a fetish?”

Lex fingers the fabric as he walks to the bed, “Could be.”

A sardonic expression whispers across Kal’s face as he snatches the shirt from Lex’s hands and gracefully maneuvers his arms into it. “ What do you think? Is it me?”

Lex runs a hand across Kal’s chest, fingers trailing along the edges of the cotton where it’s splayed open, playing along the smooth skin and the soft cotton, already warming with body heat.

“I don’t know, you tell me. Is there a country boy behind those big city looks?” Lex mocks as he finds a nipple and pinches it. Kal hisses a laugh. “How about inside these Armani pants?“ He deftly flicks open Kal’s trousers and the laughter abruptly sobers as Lex takes Kal in hand. He pumps Kal’s cock, and it leaps as it fills, becoming thicker, longer, and Christ everything about this kid is big.

“Payback’s a bitch,” Lex mutters as he bends his head to tease Kal’s foreskin with a feathery touch of tongue. Kal might have initially had the upper hand, but Lex has years of experience of world-class fucks on his side. He takes his time, tasting Kal in small increments, a swipe between his balls, a nip at the juncture of his thigh, a graze along his cock.

Slowly Lex plays with him, sucking in just the head and pulling away, a swirl around the base. He bats away Kal’s hands when they start to get greedy and continues to tease until Kal is panting and straining, nostrils flaring as he shivers to keep still under Lex’s ministrations.

A final rake of fingernails through the thatch of coarse pubic hair and Lex reaches for the nightstand. Adroitly he rolls the latex down Kal’s cock and can feel it twitch desperately. Kal makes a strangled noise, bites down onto his fist and Lex can see it’s a near thing.

“Easy there, big fella,” he drawls, slowly mounting and straddling Kal’s hips and Kal laughs even as he groans, choking out a rejoinder of “Not. A farmer.”

Lex keeps a watchful eye on Kal’s face making sure he’s sufficiently recovered control before shimmying into place. He can feel the heat of cock against his hole and he grabs Kal’s dick, getting a firm grasp as he bears down on the thick length.

“Don’t you. Want. Lube?” Kal manages to pant behind gritted teeth.

“No,” Lex sighs as takes Kal in, rough inch by rough inch. “I like. The burn.”

“Oh fuck,” Kal’s eyes roll back and his face grimaces and there, Lex has him, all of him, and his head tips back as he revels in the feeling of being so wonderfully, deliriously stretched and full. Kal is big enough that it’s a hair’s breadth from painful, but its perfect, exactly what Lex needs and he begins to move, a hard and punishing rhythm.

Kal gasps, hands slapping Lex’s thighs to grab hold of them and they are moving together, straining. Tears prick Lex’s eyes and still he keeps moving, sweat breaking across his back as his prostate is unceasingly rubbed.


“Christ,” and he’s not altogether sure which one of them is talking anymore.

Kal’s fingers bite down, hard enough that Lex can feel blood rising to the skin’s surface, and suddenly he’s being lifted with incredible strength and he’s brought down, impaled, and again and again and it’s enough, its finally enough, and Lex lets go to spray come across Kal’s heaving chest, catching the edges of the red-and-white flannel shirt. He can feel his lungs hiccup, struggle for air. Before his vision can come back from white-out bliss, he’s flipped onto his stomach and Kal fucks him, faster then he can fathom.

He’s got a mouth full of pillow and those strong- so fucking strong- hands are holding him down as Kal stutters and comes, cock pumping and twitching deep in Lex’s ass.


Holy fuck.

They stay motionless, panting, and Lex doesn’t mind the crushing weight of Kal’s body, sweaty chest sticking and slippery against his back, smell of salt and sex thick in the air around them.

“You,” Kal starts. “Yeah,” Lex answers and they fall silent.


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Re: Guh

errrr hahhahahaha *goes to change* yeeeeah, that was a midnight writing detail that goes to show I need to stop writing at midnight
I aprove.
I'm glad.
Guh is right! This was insanely hot and just the way I like my AU!Clex!~
Oh yay! i was worried that SV lore would be so far advanced by now this would seem archaic, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!
Much like Kal and Lex, I am almost completely speechless.

LOL yeah they pretty much impressed themselves at the end with their hotness, didnt they? *pets pretty boys*
Wow! This is exactly the reason Clex never gets old. The boys are just so damn hot together, especially in the hands of a talented writer. Very well done.
Aw thank you so much! You are so sweet :-)
Great googlie mooglie!!!!!!

That is ... um ... yeah ... wow ... delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great googlie mooglie!!!!!!</i< Haha!! I've never gotten a googlie mooglie before, that's awesome
Awwwwww! Well the prompt was so inspiring it wrote itself
most excellent RED HOT clex
Hee!! Thanks!
Hot, hot, hot! I enjoyed that from start to finish. Although the end, with Lex liking it rough...Guh!
Well if Lex likes it rough, Kal's certainly the right person to give it to him ;-)
Wow! Um...that was HOT. Very very hot. I love Kal and together Kal and Lex were amazing!!! Great fic! I will have pleasant dreams!!
I will have pleasant dreams!! Haha! Well, glad I could help contribute to that!! ;-)
Yay! That was really fun, and red hot to boot. Thanks!
Thanks to you for reading it!
OK ::::: fanning self :::::: that was errr, yeah, ummm, quite heated. I LOVED it.
Haha!!! Heated, you have no idea. I wrote a lot of that this afternoon in my un-air conditioned apartment, I guess its only fair I shared some of that with you ;-)
Oh, that was EXTREMELY HOT!!! *fans self* And the imagery... GUH!

YAY for itsaslashything for inspiring this. :D
I'll second that Yay!!
Oh good!! Haha ;-)
Totally loved it from start to finish! Good job!
:-) Thanks so much!!
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